This morning I posted a tweetstorm with some thoughts on my mind. I will be posting this same tweetstorm over on my offical personal website at in the near future. For now, you can see what I had to say below.

[1.] GOOD MORNING! Ugh! I have a headache this morning. I’ve taken two Goody powders for it. I hope everyone else out there is starting this Tuesday morning without that stress. I’m contemplating starting another blog (yes another one lol).

[2.] It will be a photo blog. The drive I take back and forth to work every day is a beautiful country drive, and some mornings I like to take pictures along the way as I’m driving home. They aren’t amazing photos by any means since they’re taken while in motion…

[3.] … but I would like to post them to have as reminders some day of the beautiful scenery I enjoyed during those moments… and also it’s been awhile since I got in touch with the photographer in me.

[4.] I know that it isn’t safe to take photos while in motion in a vehicle like that. I have actually had a wreck doing such foolish shit like that (shhhh don’t tell nobody lol). So I will definitely try to be careful, but it’s just something I love to do… and life is short.

[5.] On another note, my hair feels soft this morning and I’m loving it. I feel weird saying that for some reason… but you know… you gotta love yourself. It must be the weather.

[6.] Here in Alabama this morning, right now the temperature is 56 degrees according to my ACU-RITE weather station’s outdoor temperature sensor, and it is cloudy with very little to no sunshine but it’s predicted to clear. It looks like it may rain, but not sure.

[7.] On another topic, I had a slight epiphany this morning about how I can set up my blogs to better reflect updates across my entire blog network – with RSS feeds.

[8.] Um duh, I should have figured that out a long time ago, but honestly it’s only been recent that I started organizing my network.

[9.] I’d like to share some of the latest updates across my blog network in this post. So all you have to do to find those is simply go to where I always post updates as I create them. [UPDATE] – Ooops I posted the wrong web address. For the latest network updates in my blog network, please go to

[10.] An update on my Remarkable 2 tablet use since I received it on April 14th, 2021. I am falling in love with the tablet. I thought it would be a wasted money purchase since I rarely do handwriting anymore, but I am writing with it and using it in ways I didn’t know I would.

[11.] I have a blog I started to write about my use and experiences with the tablet. I haven’t had a chance to write a review about it yet, but you can find that blog at and I will update the blog about my joys of using the tablet as time permits.

[12.] In the meantime, I’ll make mentions of it occasionally through my tweets on twitter and my blogs posts on my official personal website at

[13.] It’s almost 10:30 AM CST now, so I’ll end this morning greeting so that I can get busy catching up on some things I need to do. I hope everyone has a great day. Oh and also, I’ve almost gotten rid of the headache I had by the time I’m finishing this writing. Glad for that!

Originally tweeted by JJ (@JaxJarron) on April 20, 2021.

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